Lease with Right to Purchase Program

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Watch the video below to learn if leasing with a right to purchase your home is right for you.  It’s usually best to purchase a home on your own, if you are able.  But for many, leasing with a right to purchase may be the best path to home ownership.  

Are you a good candidate?  Our Lease with Right to Purchase Program is best for:

  1. Households who have good income and a good credit score, but had a short sale in the last 12 months and therefore do not qualify for a mortgage.
  2. Transferees to this area who want to test drive a home or a specific community before buying.
  3. Military households who are looking to rent a home but discovered there is very little rental inventory available.
  4. Self-employed individuals who do not have 2 years of income history and therefore do not yet qualify for a mortgage.
  5. Potential homeowners who cannot obtain a mortgage, but who want to live in a community with great schools.

Will you qualify? 

  • Do you have a minimum of $50,000/year of household income?
  • Do you have at least twice your target rent amount available in a bank account?
  • No history of recent eviction or default under a lease agreement in the past 5 years?
  • No outstanding apartment or utilities collections?
  • No open or pending chapter 7 bankruptcy?
  • No unacceptable criminal history?
  • No reported property damage in the last 5 years?  

Congrats!  Learn more today in 3 easy steps: