Free Home Selling Tool


I created this home seller’s tool to help my real estate business produce accurate client home valuations.
It will provide you with valuable market insights when selling your house.

“…a great tool! I used it to figure out the best price to list my house.”
-C. Lanier, Cumming GA

*How much interest will there be in your home?
*How much will you get for it?
*And how long will it take to sell?

These questions are quickly answered with this easy-to-use, time-saving tool.
See if you don’t agree!

How it works:

Just plot two critical measures of your home’s desirability on a chart.
The chart is broken into 4 sectors (quadrants).
Where your home plots on the chart determines how much you’ll be able to sell it for and how long it will take.
It takes just 30 seconds to complete.
This is a very helpful planning tool for my residential real estate clients.
Here’s how to get yours…

To get your free home selling tool:

1. Fill in your information below.

2. Enter “FREE HOME SELLING TOOL” in the “Comments/Questions” field.

3. Check your email. Your free home selling tool will arrive as a .pdf attachment.

Easy Peezy! Thanks!


Mark Panetta

Mark Panetta


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