About Mark

I Focus on Two Things

You need a specialist, not a generalist, when buying or selling your home. Far too many other real estate agents try to be all things to all people. Not me. I specialize in two things in the North Atlanta area — Alpharetta, Cumming, Roswell, Johns Creek, Milton, Crabapple, Suwanee and Lake Lanier.

  1. I help you improve your financial stability in the decade before retirement by “rightsizing” your home at the appropriate time.
  2. I help first time home buyers achieve the freedom, pride and respect that home ownership offers.

The Sales and Marketing Bug Bit Early

My career spans 25 years and began in the Broadcast industry. Right out of the University of Arizona I sold radio advertising to businesses successfully in Omaha and then in Phoenix. From there I recruited, trained and managed teams of radio advertising executives in Tucson, Hartford and Atlanta. I was brought to Atlanta to lead the advertising team of Classic Rock Z93.

Exceptional Customer Service is Embedded into My Genes

After Z93/Atlanta I went from the “serious,” business/sales side of the Broadcast industry over to the programming “fun” side selling, designing and executing multi-touch marketing campaigns for radio and TV stations. As a Marketing Strategist and SVP, I strove to achieve exceptional customer service for my clients throughout the US. It was this mindset that made me maniacal about good communication and follow-up…responsiveness you’ll experience first hand as a Mark Panetta client.

My Love for Real Estate

Years ago I, along with the Broadcast and Advertising industries, experienced a seismic shift — I found myself downsized. One morning my wife Jill said to me “You know what you’d be really good at? Real Estate!” She proceeded to explain point-by-point why over the next several minutes. After which, I knew she was right (isn’t she always?) and I immediately enrolled in Real Estate school and have been loving it since!

Local Area Knowledge

When I arrived from Connecticut in 1990 I bought a home in Alpharetta and lived in it for 7 years. Since, I have been residing in Three Chimneys Farm in Cumming. This is where Jill and I raised our family — two daughters, Jennifer and Deanna, and met many of you. Jennifer is now a lawyer in Atlanta specializing in Title Law. Deanna works for a subcontractor to the Department of State in DC. As an empty nesters myself, I empathize and can relate to those in the area wanting to “right size” their homes…thus a specialty of mine. I know the best options and can expertly guide you thru them. Oh…and I can’t forget! I adore my two dogs, Sadie and Addie and cat, Bella, too.

Trustworthy to a Tee

I know this is not something I can simply state and make you believe it. It’s earned over a lifetime of dealing with friends, family, neighbors, coworkers and clients. Thus, I encourage you to google “Mark Panetta reviews” so you can decide for yourself.